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LED Solid State Lighting

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Esko vertical seal water meters are available single and dual models and feature built-in tube cleaning plungers, clog resistant flow control valves and extra large flow channels to ensure trouble free operation. All models can be equipped with flow level alarms.

Seal Water Meters

Flow Meters - Rotameters

Positive displacement and variable area flow meters in custom panels of up to 64 flow points each. Simplified configuration of flow points and parameters featuring an easy to use touch screen interface.

Oil Lubrication & Systems

Vertical variable area flow meters for liquids and gases. Available models and ranges vary from small purge flows below 1 gallon/hour to large water flows in excess of 100 gallons/minute. Level alarm available on most models.

Established to meet the growing demand for skid based pumping and metering systems in the fluid transfer industry, these systems provide for the pulp & paper, wastewater, water treatment, chemical, and food & beverage industries along with commercial and industrial facilities.

Chemical Feed Systems & more

Optical Sheet Break Systems

The Es-Trac 2000 edge tracking system is one of the most advanced non-contacting measurement and guiding system for felts and fabrics. It can be placed into any part of the machine, even where extreme heat and humidity demand special requirements for equipment. Originally developed for pulp and paper applications, these systems can also be used on machines for the the production of photographic film, Kevlar, fibre-glass roofing material, or any device requiring edge tracking and control.

Infrared Felt Guide System

The Es-Trac 1000 sheet break detector system is a complete turn-key solution. A compact single probe installation connects optically via a stainless steel braided shielded glass fiber-optic cable to the control cabinet, which supplies a 4-20mA current loop output as well as alarm relay contacts.

GA: 1-770-744-2184  | AL:  1-205-523-4588

GA: 1-770-744-2184  | AL:  1-205-523-4588

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