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Seal Water Meters

Esko seal water flow meters are available in single and dual flow models. Available features include built-in tube cleaning plungers, clog resistant flow control valves and extra large flow channels to ensure trouble free operation. All models can be equipped with flow level alarms. More...

Flowmeters - Rotameters

Variable area flow meters for industrial users including pulp & paper, chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, food, beverage, power, metal refining, along with water and wastewater treatment and other process industries. Used to monitor flows of liquids and gases, and to generate an alarm  if flow rates drift outside of process requirements. Available models and ranges vary from small purge flows below 1 gallon/hour to large flows in excess of 100 gallons/minute. Level alarm are available on most models.  More...

Esko Oil Lubrication Products



Positive displacement and variable area flow meters in custom panels of up to 64 flow points each. Simplified configuration of flow points and parameters featuring an easy to use touch screen interface. More

A full range of grease handling products including digital grease meters, pneumatic 1:6 grease transfer pumps, pneumatic 1:65 grease pumps, and dual line greasing systems with end-of-line grease flow sensor capability for critical lubrication points.  More

Es-Trac Optical Sheet Break and Felt Guide Systems More

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Grease Lubrication Products and Systems

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